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Atereo Staff Directory is a new mobile app which improves internal staff communication.

Problems Addressed  

Your current staff directory is available on the PC/laptop, but is less useful to a workforce increasingly on the move.

Your staff still ring your switchboard too frequently, tying up operator time


Atereo Staff Directory provides up-to-date directory information to staff, whether in the office, at home, or on the move, saving staff time, improving their overall communication experience, and diminishing unnecessary staff calls to your switchboard.

 Features and Benefits: 

staff only icon

 easy to use

Atereo Staff Directory lets staff easily identify the person or department they need to contact.    

presence icon

 presence information 

 Atereo Staff Directory lets staff see whether the people they want to contact are available and, if not, when they will be available.  

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 broadcast messaging 

Atereo Staff Directory includes a highly cost-effective message broadcast system that allows you to get information or announcements to all staff, quickly, easily and at virtually zero cost.

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Atereo Staff Directory uses signed certificates and strong encryption to ensure that all information is both stored and transmitted securely.  

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 iPhone and Android compatible 

Atereo Staff Directory Apps are provided for both the iOS and Android eco-systems.  

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 easy to deploy 

As part of the Atereo Staff Directory installation, Atereo produces customised apps for your organisation and deploys them in both the Apple Apps Store and the Google Play Store.

"Thanks, without your quick assistance to provide the call info, we would have been lost."

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