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Atereo Call Logging at Imperial College

Consistently ranked amongst the world's top ten universities, Imperial College London is a public research university specialising in science, technology, medicine and business. 

The university also forms part of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust which is an academic health science centre based in London. It is the largest NHS trust in England and incorporates St Mary’s, Hammersmith & Charing Cross Hospitals amongst others. 

Imperial College have been a Atereo call logging managed service customer since the mid-1990s when the current Ericsson MD110 was installed. In 2007 Imperial College decided to purchase Atereo Call Logging to provide an in-house solution. In conjunction with the Ericsson switch, Imperial also run a Cisco Call Manager system and they are currently in the process of migrating their 10,000 extensions across to the VoIP platform.

Atereo distributes nearly 2000 reports on each monthly run, with relevant reports distributed to each departmental manager. These reports include a summary of business & personal cost at several different levels of detail, and a top 20 most expensive calls for each department.

Atereo also produces Management Reports, such as: 

  • analysing how the network infrastructure is used, including both extensions and trunks, to identify bottlenecks or under-utilised areas 
  • tracing individual calls
  • monitoring potential telephone fraud 

With a large directory to manage, combined with an IP Telephony migration, there is a igh volume of moves and changes to manage on the server. Atereo’s Import/Export tool enables the directory to be exported, manipulated in a spreadsheet and then loaded back into Atereo. This speeds up the otherwise time consuming task of updating large numbers of records individually.

Stuart Kerr, Imperial College Telephone Services Manager, said, “When it came to purchasing an in-house solution it was a no-brainer to go with Atereo. Atereo had provided the College with an exemplary managed service for a number of years and were able to replicate a large volume of reports for us. In the four years that we’ve been running Atereo Call Logging we’ve had no issues but it’s good to know we have the support from BTS should we require it. As we move more extensions across to VoIP we will be taking a closer look at the Quality of Service module so that we have a real-time view of VoIP calls across our network.”