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Atereo call logging can help you reduce costs, improve answering times and increase the effectiveness of your network planning. 

Problem Addressed

Organisations need call logging for cost control, performance and traffic management, and call tracing. 

But solutions from existing suppliers now have inflated maintenance charges, may not adequately address new issues (like reporting on Skype for Business / Lync response groups), and require efforts to run them that are not regarded as a priority within your organisation.   


Since 1980 Atereo has been a leading supplier of call logging solutions for enterprise customers.   

Atereo Call Logging, based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, delivers high-impact, easy-to-understand telecoms management information.

For occasional users, the Quick Reporter offers a simple way to get meaningful call logging information with little or no prior knowledge of Atereo or electronic communications in general. 

For power users, the Report Builder allows you to construct your reports from scratch, only showing the information you want. 

And you can access Atereo from anywhere because you only need a web browser.

Atereo Call Logging:  

  • can log over 200 different types of PBXs, from all major vendors
  • helps with cost control and carrier bill validation 
  • helps with network capacity planning 
  • helps identify unused or under-utilised equipment still being charged for 
  • reports on answering times 
  • provides call tracing 
  • identifies potential dial-through telecoms fraud 
  • provides better reporting on Skype for Business / Lync response groups 

Case Studies:


Atereo Reporting

Sample Reports:

Commsware Call Logging Sample Reports
Atereo Call Logging Sample Reports


Cisco Compatible
Atereo (CommsWare) Call Logging 1x has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communication Manager Version 7x, 8x, 8.5x and 12x. 
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"I feel it has gone really well.  We are already seeing a difference in the reception calls."  

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