Atereo Call Logging at Toyota Manufacturing UK 

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Integrated Call Logging at Toyota Manufacturing UK with Atereo

Toyota Manufacturing UK has two manufacturing plants in the UK. The vehicle manufacturing plant is located in Burnaston, Derbyshire and the engine manufacturing plant in Deeside, North Wales. 

Toyota Manufacturing UK have been an Atereo customer since 1992, and in 2007 decided to upgrade to Atereo‚Äôs Windows based call logger and integrate their Atereo PhoneWare directory with their Siemens AC-Win switchboard. 

Atereo Call Logging is used extensively to produce reports on the telephone system covering:

  • budgetary cost summary reports
  • comparing costs against carrier bills to verify that the correct rates are being charged
  • analysing how the network infrastructure is used, including both extensions and trunks, to identify bottlenecks or under-utilised areas
  • individual call tracing
  • monitoring the telephone network for any potentially untoward activity 

Atereo Call Logging has become established as a master directory data source, and the flexibility of the database enables all sorts of additional useful information to be stored about telephone extensions and users. This master data source can be accessed throughout the organisation using the PhoneWare Web interface to help staff quickly find contact details for colleagues. It is also used to automatically update the Siemens AC-Win switchboard consoles. Having a single point of update reduces the administration burden of updating multiple systems and provides consistent information across all data sources involved. Possible future enhancements to the system include PhoneWare Web Update and processing CSV mobile phone bills to automate bill distribution. PhoneWare Web Update allows directory users to update information via the web based on their level of access to the system. Automating the mobile bill distribution can help reduce administration considerably compared to manually processing individual bills.