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 Northamptonshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service makes ‘efficient and effective use of resources’ with the Atereo Switchboard Console.

Northamptonshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) has a statutory duty to ensure that an effective fire and rescue service is delivered across the county. In support of its strategic development plan, NFRS has invested in new technology and equipment, including a new fire control suite in Daventry and a new integrated digital Voice over IP telephony solution to replace the legacy estate of analogue TDM telephony. 

NFRS has long recognised that Operators are a vital bridge between callers to the non-emergency number and the staff of NFRS. With the change in telephony platform, Peter Meredith, NFRS Information and Communications Systems Manager, had the vision of achieving improved call handling across the entire network.

After researching the market, Peter selected the Atereo Console because it offered ‘the best mix of ease of use call handling features coupled with a comprehensive directory system’, and because the Atereo solution required no dedicated client hardware, allowing it to be easily deployed anywhere on the network.

To keep the directory administration overhead to a minimum, a single point of update was required. Atereo’s database integration service delivered the necessary automatic update of the Console database from NFRS’ Microsoft Active Directory.

The result is a service that Peter confirmed will support NFRS in its strategic development plan objective of making ‘efficient and effective use of resources’. 

 About NFRS

NFRS employs around 600 staff delivering a range of services throughout Northamptonshire. It has 22 fire stations, one HQ building at Wootton Hall, Northampton, and 3 satellite sites. 

 About Atereo 

Atereo is a specialist in call handling, contact centres, operator consoles, call logging, directory solutions and database integration. Atereo’s vendor-independent solutions are designed to work equally well with existing legacy, VoIP and mixed telephony, and with whatever VoIP telephony customers select in the future. Atereo offers enhanced value in the form of up-to-date technology, and improved staff productivity, customer service, cost control and management information.