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You can rely on Atereo and the information we provide because we are experts in call logging.  

For over 30 years, many of the most prestigious UK enterprise organisations have depended on Atereo for their call logging information.   

Problems Addressed  

Demands on staff time are rising and so are the costs and effort involved in running your call logger effectively.

You never know when you will need the information in the call logger and you must be sure that everything is operating as it should.  


Atereo is probably the most experienced UK supplier of managed call logging service, currently covering over 1400 PBXs and over 500,000 extensions.

Atereo’s Managed Call Logging Service saves on the cost of buying a call logger and the annual maintenance charge; you just pay a highly cost-effective, predictable service charge.

Atereo’s Managed Call Logging Service saves you the hassle of running your call logging yourself, not only freeing up your valuable time but also giving you peace of mind.

With Atereo’s Managed Call Logging Service you know your systems are monitored closely and that any problems, e.g. with data collection, will be highlighted quickly and resolved. 

Atereo’s Managed Call Logging Service is tailored to your individual needs, ad hoc and periodic, and comes right first time, every time, when you need it, against a Service Level Agreement.   

BTS’ Managed Call Logging Service:   

  • checks call data is being received and processed 
  • updates directory and tariff information 
  • helps with cost control and carrier bill validation 
  • helps with network capacity planning 
  • helps identify unused or under-utilised equipment still being charged for 
  • reports on answering times 
  • provides call tracing 
  • helps identify potential dial-through telecoms fraud 
  • provides better reporting on Skype for Business / Lync response groups 
  • provides periodic service reviews with a Senior Consultant 

Sample Reports: 

Managed Service Call Logging Sample Reports
Managed Service Call Logging Sample Reports

"The service we get is very, very good, whenever we need anything you are always there for us."

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