Directory and Database Integration

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Atereo’s approach to database integration helps you maximise the value your organisation gets from its existing systems by integrating them rather than replacing them.

Our Database Integration Service allows you to reduce or even eliminate update duplication and make real savings.   

Problems Addressed

Do you face the choice of buying an expensive meta-solution or continuing the costly and error-prone manual update of multiple databases with the same information? 

Would you like a solution providing a better outcome in accuracy that allows you to sweat your existing assets and produces in-year savings?  


BTS concentrates on making existing databases work together rather than replacing them with a high-risk, expensive meta-solution.

BTS’ Database Integration service can help by establishing a master data source and then setting up data feeds to/from each system.

Having a single point of update cuts out the chore of updating several different systems with the same information, improving accuracy by reducing mistakes, and saving staff time and cost.

Our customers have posted significant in-year savings by adopting BTS’ Directory Integration service.

Case Studies:

"Top job as always!"

UK University