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Atereo Integrated Call Handling helps you cut waiting times and improve the service to incoming callers provided by your contact centre agents, switchboard operators and phone-based agents.  

Problems Addressed  

Your existing contact centre might be old and costing you a lot to maintain.

You may want to provide email and social media access within your contact centre. 

To save money, you may wish to merge your operators into your contact centre.

You may want to improve the effectiveness of your phone based agents.


With Atereo you can take all your call handling (switchboard, contact centre, phone based agents) onto one integrated platform and save money on both equipment and staff while improving performance and customer service.  

 Features and Benefits: 

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 works with TDM, VoIP and UC 

Atereo Integrated Call Handling works with any mix of legacy TDM, VoIP and UC; it will work with whatever technology you have now and whatever technology you choose in the future.

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uniform call handling

 Atereo Integrated Call Handling provides uniform call handling across mixed telephone networks. This means that callers will always receive the same experience when they call.  

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  skills-based routing 

Atereo Integrated Call Handling can be configured with a number of different queues, allowing calls to be routed based on the services callers require. This allows calls to be handled more effectively.   

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The customisable IVR within the 
Atereo Integrated Call Handler allows pre-recorded information to be played to callers, letting them select the option that best suits their needs.  This improves the level of service they receive.  

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 in-queue announcements

 The Atereo Integrated Call Handler can play custom announcements to callers.  Supervisors can record announcements, at any time, for events such as system downs or power outages. This can help reduce the number of calls queuing and improve the service to other callers. 

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dynamic  user interface

Atereo Integrated Call Handling dynamically switches user interface depending on whether the call is for the switchboard or contact centre.  This makes call handing faster and easier for the agent . 

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 returned calls

With the Switchboard Option, if a call is returned to the agent because the destination does not answer, the Atereo  Integrated Call Handler automatically provides the agent with details of the extension the caller was trying to contact. This allows the agent to handle the call in a more professional manner. 

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 historical performance statistics 

Atereo Integrated Call Handling provides comprehensive historical performance statistics on each individual agent. This information is vital in managing staff effectively and ensuring that performance targets are met.   

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 real time performance statistics

With the Supervisor Wallboard Option, a large plasma display shows the current state of the queues, the call answering performance and the status of the agent. This information can also be displayed on a supervisor's PC and helps with the effective management of staff.   

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 low cost 
voice recording 

With the Call Recording Option, the recording is automatically made from the beginning of the call. So, if the agent realises mid-call that it needs to be recorded, say because of a threat, he or she just clicks on the record button and the full recording will be available.   

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 social media & email as standard

Atereo Integrated Call Handling supports Facebook, Twitter and email as standard and provides a full audit trail of all interactions.  

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 real time agent management

 With Atereo Integrated Call Handling, supervisors can change which agents are members of which queues and the weighting of agents within those queues.  This improves the service for incoming callers as a result of peaks in demand.  


Atereo Contact Centre 
Aterep Operator Console
Atereo Operator Console
Atereo Hunt Group Plus


Atereo (CommsWare) Console with Atereo (BTS) Call Director Version, Atereo (CommsWare) server Version 630 and Atereo (CommsWare) client Version solution has completed testing by Avaya’s DevConnect technical team, and is officially recognized as compliant. 
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Atereo (CommsWare) Call Handling Version 1x has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communication Manager 
Version 7x, 8x,8.5x and 12x. 
Go to for disclaimer. 

The Atereo (CommsWare) Console and Atereo (Commsware) Contact Centre are certified for Microsoft Skype for Business. 

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