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Nottingham University Hospitals saves money and improves efficiency with Atereo’s Directory Integration. 

 Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the largest trusts in the UK, provides acute services on two campuses - City Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC). Both campuses have strong teaching and research links with the University of Nottingham. Specialist areas include the Nottingham Breast Institute, Children’s Services, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, transplant surgery, neonatal care, stroke, cardiothoracic surgery, burns and plastic surgery. 

Nottingham University Hospitals and the Nottingham Local Health community (PCTs, EMAS, Nottingham Healthcare and GP groups) have used Atereo products since 1996 and currently run an integrated Call Logging and Directory system that provides services to the group of Trusts centred on the City of Nottingham. “It is really nice to work with a company who treat us like you do. It’s a rarity these days.” says Roger Childs, Strategic Telecoms & Network Advisor. NUH have more recently also made use of Atereo’s Directory Integration services in conjunction with the Nottingham Telephony Network replacement project.

Atereo have worked with NUH and the local health community to produce a master set of data which is used to feed many other data sources including the contact centre directory, Active Directory and an IVR application. “Having a central data source has improved the accuracy of the information available,” says Roger Childs. “It also allows it to be managed much more effectively.” 

When new operator consoles were installed, the data behind the directory was the master set of data. “Operators could find the information they needed to connect calls much faster, allowing them to deal with calls more efficiently,” says Roger. “This helped us reduce our abandoned call rate by 90% over a 6 month period, thus offering a better service to our callers. The implemented solution will save us money and keep our running cost to a minimum throughout the lifetime of the project”.

The ‘central data source’ has benefited staff within the local health community, allowing them to easily access related Trust details. NUH also use Atereo’s latest Call Logging software primarily to report on costs and network management. The master set of data for the directory side of the call logger is also used here, resulting in information on reports being up to date and consistent.

When asked on his thoughts about Atereo as a company, Roger says, “Does what it says on the tin. The service we receive is excellent”. Moving forward, NUH is looking at rolling out access for departmental managers. This will allow them to update the directory as required using PhoneWare Web Update and run call logging reports using Atereo Call Logging. Both PhoneWare Web and Atereo Call Logging allow restricted access to be configured so that users can only access the data relevant to them.