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Atereo Voice Operator is a new speech recognition-based auto attendant.   

Problems Addressed  

You have been offered a speech recognition auto attendant but it was too expensive.

The speech recognition auto attendant you were offered relies on the supplier for certain chargeable functions (e.g. recording names), raising your costs of ownership.

The speech recognition auto attendant you actually bought doesn’t work very well.

You had high hopes for the speech recognition auto attendant you actually bought but in the end had to restrict its roll-out to staff.  


With Atereo Voice Operator you get a speech recognition auto attendant that can save money on both equipment and staff while improving performance and customer service.

Atereo Voice Operator provides auto attendant capabilities on a no-frills basis.

Atereo Voice Operator lets you reduce the number of operators answering incoming and internal calls.

Atereo Voice Operator gives you a much lower capital cost and much lower cost of ownership, as you won’t need to rely on your supplier for certain functions (e.g. recording names).  

 Features and Benefits: 

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 easy to use

 Callers just say the name of the person or department they want to talk to and Atereo Voice Operator does the rest. 

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 Like Amazon's Alexa and other modern systems, Atereo Voice Operator utilises state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology. 

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 Atereo Voice Operator supports aliases, so if you ask for "Rich Wilson" or "Richard Wilson", the result will be the same. 

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 Atereo Voice Operator supports phonetic spellings and phonemes to ensure that names are pronounced correctly to callers. 

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 Atereo Voice Operator can be "tuned" to improve recognition rates by using phonetic spellings and phonemes.

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SIP integration

 Atereo Voice Operator integrates with your existing telephony platform via SIP or DPNSS Gateways. 


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BTS holds a LumenVox Partner Skills Certification which demonstrates its capability to deliver high quality speech solutions based on the LumenVox speech automation suite.

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