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Atereo’s Hunt Group Plus delivers real time Queueing  Statistics for University Clearing  

The Problem  
Every year prospective students desperately make calls through Clearing to secure a University place. If they have to wait too long on-hold with one university, they may call another university and go there instead.  

Universities need to understand in real-time how long prospective students are waiting to speak to an advisor if calls are going unanswered. This allows appropriate numbers of staff to be allocated to make Clearing a success.  

Prospective students also need pre-queueing information and in-queue updates to reassure them that they are closer to speaking to an advisor. 

Put simply, unfilled University places represent large sums of revenue lost to universities.

The Solution 
A University assessed the various options available for providing real-time clearing statistics on prospective students queueing, waiting to have their calls answered. 

A traditional contact centre would have cost the University over £100,000; it would have been used intensively during the relatively short Clearing period but apart from that it would have been relatively under-utilised, representing a poor return on a considerable investment. 

Having been a customer of Atereo for a number of years for call logging solutions the University in question instead looked to Atereo’s Hunt Group Plus solution to provide the queueing information on a live Wallboard for 10% of the cost of the alternative contact centre solution.

The Pay-Off 
 The Atereo’s Hunt Group Plus Clearing solution has paid for itself with the one year tuition fees of just one student who chose the University in question in preference to another university.